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Get a fast loan from a responsible lender

If you need a fast loan, but you’re put off by all the bad press surrounding short term money lending, then why not try one of the most responsible lenders in the marketplace. MYJAR are offering 18 day loans only to those who have a regular income and can afford them. They do affordability checks to try to be sure that the loan will be within your means and stress that their loans are to be used for short-term needs only – they’re not designed for frequent use, or to provide spending money.

To be eligible for the quick cash boost of up to £500 that they’re offering, you need to be confident you can pay your MYJAR fast loan back. In order to continue providing a valuable service, this responsible lender will perform credit checks before approving your loan. You don’t necessarily have to have a great credit rating to be approved, but you do need to be in receipt of a regular income. If you are struggling with your debts elsewhere, rather than approve your loan, MYJAR may help you find some independent debt advice or refer you to a debt charity that they endorse. They never want to lend you money that just gets you deeper into trouble.

However, if yours is one of the many loans that are approved, using MYJAR’s services can provide you with many benefits.

– The company will get your money to you fast, in about 15 minutes. Please note that all initial loans are of £100. On a loan of £100, you pay back £120 after 18 days – a representative APR of 3943%.

– You don’t need to worry about sending the money when payment is due. MYJAR will take the money from your bank and will even send you reminders beforehand.

– As long as you can prove that you can pay back your loan, those with low credit ratings may still be approved for a MYJAR loan.

– The loan won’t rollover, which is one of the main reasons why customers often find themselves unable to pay other lenders back.

The company doesn’t have a hidden agenda and they’re not trying to catch you out. MYJAR’s terms and conditions are simple and transparent, available on their website for the world to see.

MYJAR’s friendly staff are there to help you at each stage of the application process. You can ring them, email them or apply online and once you’re registered you will have the option to take out a loan via your mobile phone, in order to provide a more convenient service for you.


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  1. I’m not sure what the material difference is between this lender and the so-called irresponsible ones. The fact is, the real problem, is societal. It is truly worrying that so many ion society aren’t prepared to live within their means, whatever that means. there is a huge debt problem in this country, both personal and corporate and it hasn’t gone away. The mentality is wrong – spend only what you have. Availability of credit must be curtailed.