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Shell lead-free aircraft fuel begins regulatory process

4 December 2013

Shell (NYSE: RDS.A) (NYSE: RDS.B) said it has become the first major oil company to develop a lead-free replacement for aviation gasoline (Avgas 100 and 100LL), which will now begin a strict regulatory approvals process.

Avgas is one of the last common transportation fuels to contain lead and is used by light aircraft and helicopters. Shell´s new lead-free formulation comes after ten years of research and development, as well as successful initial testing, carried out in the last two months by two original equipment manufacturers.

Avgas currently includes lead in its formulation to meet fuel specifications and boost combustion performance (known as motor octane rating). Shell has developed an unleaded Avgas that meets all key Avgas properties and that has a motor octane rating of over 100, an industry standard.

Royal Dutch Shell is incorporated in England and Wales, has its headquarters in The Hague and is listed on the London, Amsterdam and New York stock exchanges. For further information, visit


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