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Aviation Partners claims fuel saving milestone passed

Seattle US-based winglet producer Aviation Partners Inc said that as of this week its Blended Winglet Technology has saved the worlds commercial and business aircraft operators an estimated 4bn gallons of jet fuel.

This represents a global reduction in CO2 emissions of almost 43m tons, the firm said.

Aviation Partners´ winglets are now flying on almost 5,500 individual airplanes, and more than 20 airplane types worldwide.

API´s Blended Winglets are an addition to the airplane wing tip that efficiently adds effective wingspan.

The winglets are meant to reduce the drag caused by wingtip vortices, the twin tornados formed by the difference between the pressure on the upper surface of an airplane´s wing and that on the lower surface. By reducing drag Blended Winglets increase fuel efficiency and boost range.

The Blended Winglets, which feature a large radius and smooth chord variation in the wing-to-winglet transition area, have demonstrated more than 60% greater effectiveness over conventional winglets with an angular transition.

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