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Datawatch releases 5 solution blueprints

Datawatch Corp. (NASDAQ: DWCH) has announced five new solution blueprints designed for capital markets, healthcare and telecommunications use cases.


These new additions to Datawatch´s Solutions Catalog include the first solution blueprints developed by Datawatch business partners, as well as the first Datawatch solutions that provide real-time capabilities through the newly acquired Panopticon visualization technology.

HL7 connector for external applications facilitates the integration of the HL7 messaging protocol in heterogeneous healthcare information systems. The HCEA solution provides patient care, laboratory and research facilities a configurable data interchange platform to optimize patient outcomes by improving informatics accuracy and velocity while lowering transaction costs.

Service management accelerator for telco enables telecommunications operators to extract traffic data from call data records, machine log files and other operational data sources, and then visually analyze their network using Datawatch´s real-time visual data discovery solution to understand traffic and usage patterns and optimize service levels.

Customer bill validation for telco, an auditing solution developed by technology partner Lavastorm, utilizes Datawatch´s transformation capabilities to extract data from customer PDF invoice documents then process the information through Lavastorm´s sophisticated business rules engine to validate the invoice against rate plans, voice/data usage and eligible discounts applied by the telecommunications billing systems.

Market liquidity risk analysis, developed by strategic partner Thomson Reuters and leveraging TREP (the Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform), enables advanced analysis and visualization of portfolios, spreads, and order book snapshots and momentum in order to reduce liquidity risk.

Credit risk analysis, also developed by Thomson Reuters, enables financial institutions to go above and beyond strict compliance with credit regulations by performing multivariate analysis and stress tests across diverse portfolios and asset classes.

Datawatch provides visual data discovery software that optimizes any data regardless of its variety, volume, or velocity delivering next generation analytics to reveal valuable insights for improving business. The company´s website is at


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