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Southwest Airlines offers "gate-to-gate" WiFi service

Dallas-based low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) said that its customers may use small portable electronic devices in “airplane mode” from gate to gate.

This means the customers may use the airline´s onboard WiFi, which is available on the majority of the airline´s fleet, Southwest said.

Southwest said that the use of portable devices was a factor in the carrier´s initial WiFi investment, and the airline is pleased that Customers now have the opportunity to utilize industry-leading satellite WiFi throughout their entire trip.

The extended use of service on Southwest´s WiFi-equipped aircraft is available at the same low price of USD8 per device, all day, including stops and connections.

Customers do not need to purchase WiFi in order to access movies or TV, Southwest said.

Before implementing the changes, the airline said it vetted all new procedures through its safety risk management process to ensure a safe and efficient implementation.

Bulky laptops and devices larger than a tablet must be stowed during taxi, takeoff, and landing. Any device that is larger than a tablet may pose a hazard due to its size and weight.

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