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Asure Software announces new workspace utilization measurement system

Asure Software (NASDAQ: ASUR) said it has introduced its new AsureSpace SmartView workspace utilization measurement system, which uses infrared sensors to capture occupancy data from workstations, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, and common gathering spaces to help organizations understand how their space is actually used so they can make better business decisions about their workspace needs.

SmartView is powered by Abintra and operates on an autonomous wireless mesh network consisting of discreet infrared workspace activity sensors that receive wireless signals from routers and transmit activity data to a data logger, which then routes the data to a portal, providing live utilization reporting. The data logger, which can be located up to 100 yards away from the sensors and typically can cover an entire floor, compiles all the sensor data in real time so clients can monitor activity levels in micro or macro areas at any time. Over time, this data provides clients with a highly accurate record of how their space is being used. The mesh network configuration makes the system easily scalable to all organization sizes.

SmartView also requires no IT network or infrastructure from the customer to operate. Thousands of sensors can be installed in one night after office hours, with the system collecting and reporting data the next day. The equipment can be easily moved without equipment changes or IT involvement, and minimal training is required to analyze the data.

Asure Software, headquartered in Austin, Texas, offers cloud-based time and labour management and workspace management solutions that enable businesses to control their biggest costs labour, real estate and technology and prepare for the workforce of the future in a highly mobile, geographically disparate and technically wired work environment. For more information, visit


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