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Arcturus UAV, WGS Systems integrate Europa-S SIGINT System

The Europa-S signal intercept and geolocation system built by Maryland USA-based WGS Systems has now been integrated and flown in an Arcturus UAV T-20 Tier II unmanned aerial vehicle the companies said.

Arcturus UAV is headquartered in Rohnert Park, California. Endurance for the T-20 UAV is 12-14 hours and the vehicle can reach an altitude of 20,000´ MSL. The Europa-S Communication Intelligence and Direction Finding (COMINT/DF) system is capable of detecting, intercepting, direction finding and geo-locating signals of interest.

Operating frequencies are 30 MHz 3 GHz. Europa-S adds significant Signal Collection capability to the T-20 UAV, the firms said.

According to the companies, the unique aspects of the system are wide signal intercept frequency range, small operational footprint on the ground (1 or 2 full size pick-up trucks,) quiet operation (the T-20 utilizes a modified 4-stroke engine,) and the ability to interface with other payloads on the T-20, such as EO/IR and SAR.

Europa-S is mature at a Technology Readiness Level of over TRL 8, utilizing system components fielded since 2010. The T-20 is a runway independent, Tier II class, small tactical unmanned aerial vehicle, TRL 9.

The primary mission of the Arcturus UAV is intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Typical missions include aerial mapping, drug interdiction, fire-fighting, border patrol, force protection, search and rescue, as well as military ISR.

WGS Systems said that the T-20 payload consists of a gimbal sensor that provides full motion video from daylight and infrared cameras. Video is transmitted by secure data link to mission commanders on the ground.

An onboard GPS autopilot with waypoint navigation accepts multiple flight plans from the Ground Control Station, allowing the T-20 to fly missions up to 16 hours (depending on configuration,) and return to a specified location autonomously.

The T-20 is powered by a 190cc an air-cooled, four-stroke, fuel injected engine. Carbon fiber composite construction used in the T-20 airframe allows for payloads up to 65 lbs.

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