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ATEC completes HPW3000 engine testing

US aerospace firms Honeywell (NYSE: HON) and Pratt & Whitney´s (NYSE: UTX) The Advanced Turbine Engine Co LLC joint venture said it has successfully completed testing of its first HPW3000 engine which is being offered as a solution for the US Army´s Improved Turbine Engine Program.

According to the firm, the goal of ITEP is to develop and qualify an advanced 3000 horsepower turboshaft engine, primarily for UH-60 Black Hawk and AH-64 Apache helicopters, that provides better performance for the warfighter at a lower operating cost.

The firm said that its first HPW3000 engine performed well in performance tests, demonstrating improved fuel efficiency which will allow for extended range and increased payload capabilities for the Black Hawk and Apache fleets.

The US Army aims to operate an engine that has 50 % additional power, with an increase of 25% in fuel efficiency and a 20% increase in engine life.

Additionally, the Army programme intends to reduce production and maintenance costs by 20-35%, while maintaining installation compatibility with the Black Hawk and Apache.

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