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Hexis Cyber Solutions launches intelligent active defense solution

KEYW Corp. (NASDAQ: KEYW) subsidiary Hexis Cyber Solutions has unveiled HawkEye G, an active defense solution to detect stealthy advanced cyber threats and take automatic action to remove the threats from the network.

By delivering fast detection of advanced attacks from botnets and malware to advanced persistent threats (APTs) — and then applying automated countermeasures to remove these cyber threats, HawkEye G protects TODAY´s networks at digital speeds.

Drawing on experience from supporting the US government as well as state of the art big data capabilities, Hexis designed HawkEye G to directly combat the tools, techniques, and procedures of the most advanced attackers. This breakthrough technology takes the guesswork out of active defense by detecting, diagnosing and removing cyber threats within the network before they can compromise intellectual property or disrupt the business. HawkEye G sets itself apart from other defense tools by combining intelligence and defense capabilities with a continuous capability delivery service that enables the HawkEye G system to evolve as quickly as the threat environment evolves.

Hexis Cyber Solutions provides complete cybersecurity solutions for commercial companies, government agencies, and the Intelligence Community.

KEYW provides agile cyber superiority, cybersecurity, and geospatial intelligence solutions for US government intelligence and defense customers and commercial enterprises. The company´s website is at


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