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IFE Services inks Latin American movie deal with Emirates

UK-based air passenger entertainment provider IFE Services said that it is supplying Middle Eastern carrier Emirates with Latin American movies.

According to IFE, the movies are selected from studios across the region, including the developing film industries of Uruguay and Columbia as well as those from the more established Mexican and Brazilian studios.

Passengers will have a choice of six titles onboard that will be refreshed regularly. The first cycle of titles will include those shown at International Film Festivals such as ´El Verano De Los Peces Voladores´ (The Summer Of Flying Fish)´ and ´ROA´, as well as other critically acclaimed box office successes.

The Latin American film industry is currently enjoying a renaissance with a growing number of local, highly talented filmmakers producing movies for the region´s 600m filmgoers.

IFE said that the Latin American movie production industry continues to thrive in the larger traditional markets of Brazil and Argentina alongside unprecedented growth in emerging markets such as Chile and Venezuela.

In March this year, IFE Services announced that it was supplying African movies to Emirates in languages including Afrikaans, Arabic, English, French, Kikuyu, Swahili and Zulu.

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