Open Close offering safety ratings for private aviation firms

Atlanta USA-based air charter marketplace said it has introduced new standards to increase safety and satisfaction for private aviation travelers in an attempt to combat operators of illegal charters.

Illegal or grey aircraft charters make up approximately half of all private jet charters around the world, the firm said. Illegal charters are deemed such because they lack a US FAA-approved Aircraft Operating certificate.

According to JetCharters, the main cause of illegal charters is aircraft owners seeking to cover high costs associated with aircraft ownership.

General aviation pilots with valid AOCs are subject to regular flight reviews, performance audits, and various flight time requirements. Private aircraft owners are not required to maintain the same standards as those with valid AOCs, thus these flights do not adhere to operational safety standards set forth by governing authorities. said that another way it has demonstrated commitment to aboveboard practices is its recent alignment with The Air Charter Safety Foundation or ACSF.

Through risk management programs, the adoption of a common industry audit standard and other methods, ACSF said it seeks to enable on-demand charter providers to achieve the highest levels of safety in the aviation industry.

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  1. Captain Fischer says:

    Gulli Arnason:
    The article about ‘’ is nothing more than a promotional exercise … free advertisement. There are numerous ‘Part 135’ (‘AOC’) training and certification operations in the United States. They adequately attend to currency & proficiency. We all know who they are! Ultimately the FAA holds the paper authority. Any flavor that ‘’ can or will police the airways for ‘Gray Carriers’ is absurd. The ‘FARs’ (etc.) are now VERY CLEAR about what a ‘Private Operator’ can and has to do to comply and not cross the line into ‘Air Charter’. Any insinuation that any or all ‘Part 91’ operators perform below the grade of ‘part 135’ ops is equally absurd! You will remember the recent Asiana crash at KSFO? Three (3) type rated and allegedly ‘Current & Proficient’ jet jockeys in the front seats (one a training captain) … asleep at the controls? The investigations are pungently pointing at ‘Triple Redundant Pilot Error’. The Boeing did a predictably reliable job as is almost always the case!
    Captain Fischer

  2. billy rosenthal says:

    well here is a another big brother company on the start up another words they want to corner the market like wal mart and kmart no more small biz mom and pop operation, this market could never use there services anyway, this service is way to much money for some people let me tell you guys it is not so easy with small aircraft either you need to stick to your 1 per centers and quit trying to sponge up all or other markets

  3. Tom B says:

    Their motive is purely safety I’m sure.

  4. Bob M says:

    Ok, good for you. This has been going on since the early days of part 135. Lets see.. I need to get to aaa airport ASAP. No commercial flight. So I go to the local airport and step into the local FBO’s and say. ” I gotta get to aaa Now”. The flight instructor sitting around waiting for someone to walk in and hire him says, “I can take you. “. They hop in the 172 and off they go. His argument to the FAA, if stopped is, I was giving dual.. Of course he explains this to the customer too so their story matches. And hey, what’s to say he wasn’t giving him dual along the way to aaa. It’s a fine line. As you said, nearly half of your business is going to this type of operation. It’s VERY difficult to police. There would have to be an FAA guy stationed at every FBO in the country. I used A 172 as an example, but any aircraft would substitute here. Sorry to be so negative, but I’m afraid it’s reality. And I don’t think it will change any time soon.